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2022-08-08 12:29

  The history of the thousand-degree film brand can be traced back to the Qing Dynasty before the Opium War. At that time, only one of the villagers of Zhoucun’s copper-rings was the polymerization of Chai Yiqing. As a "manufacturing old name", many products that have been developed into a very influential   product are very influential, such as the aggregation of the created tiger sounds, which were once the four famous Ming Meilan, Shang Xiaoyun, Cheng Yiqiu, Yan Huisheng and four small names. Dan and the four major students of the Beijing Opera art celebrities are purchased in the troupe. After the liberation, the copper-sounding instrument manufacturing industry was reborn, and the Zhoucun   copper-sounding instrument manufacturing industry became the first and began to develop rapidly.

The predecessor of the thousand-degree cymbal was called the UFO cymbal, which was shaped like a UFO. The founder of the UFO cymbal brand, Mr. Fan Guangjie, was the master of the copper industry. Under the influence and influence of his grandfather and father, Mr. Fan Guangjie officially studied bronze making. After more than ten years of study and tempering, Mr. Fan Guangjie has fully mastered all the production techniques of Chinese copper musical instruments. In the early 1990s, with a hundred years of ancestral skills and his solid ability to produce copper-sounding instruments, Mr. Fan Guangjie created a musical instrument factory in Zhangqiu Shui Village, Shandong Province, and began to make copper horns. In the same year, the use of Turkish   hand-made craftsmanship, the production of the "smear film" has achieved great success, made outstanding contributions to the development of China's percussion instruments and cymbals, and created the "UFO" cymbal brand, which is the thousand cymbals. Predecessor.

Thousands of cymbals, combined with the craftsmanship and confidentiality formula of “Thousands of Hammers”, with   its high cost performance, it maintains a high market share in today's domestic market. The products are gradually perfected from single specification to multi-series product system, satisfying Different styles and different performance needs, coupled with the sound and diversity, are widely loved by teachers and major bands of various training institutions.

Nowadays, thousands of cymbals have been exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, South America and other places. In the future, thousands of degrees will increase investment in product research and development, increase research and development efforts, adhere to market demand as the starting point, and make more perfect and higher quality. The products provide better service for every thousand users.