Artist MING Series 12'' Splash

Product introduction MING series has bright and full timbre, smooth tapping, clearer, faster hitting response and faster volume attenuation.
Product model: B20cymbal handmade cymbal splash cymbal
Product type Artist MING Series 12'' Splash
size 12”
style Rock, Pop,Fusion, Jazz, Funk, R&B, Reggae,Studio
Thickness Medium
Material B20
Craft Uniform hammer
Product details

Ming series as Kingdo cymbals one of the latest development of the new series, its positioning for cost-effective products.This series is made of B20 alloy (80% copper +20% tin).Processing technology for the traditional manual carvings and artificial hammer.It has a bright and full tone, smooth hit feel, clearer, faster hit response and faster volume attenuation.Because of its unique timbre characteristics, this series is suitable for professional performance of various styles, and is favored by various training institutions because of its outstanding high cost performance.

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